DutchGalgoLobby Traveller

Who is Miles?

Miles is DutchGalgoLobby's travelling Galgo. Miles is travelling around the world and pictures are taken of Miles at different places of interest to collect points.

The idea is that Miles should see as much of the world as possible before returning home (DutchGalgoLobby headquarters in The Netherlands) being passed on from hand to hand of different Galgo owners (or Galgo lovers).

Visiting places of interest

What are interesting places for Miles?

  • Miles loves soccer (of course, as a Dutch Galgo) so soccer stadiums around the world are Miles' favourites
  • Miles loves beaches and running along the seaside
  • Miles loves famous buildings around the world such as 'The Statue of Liberty', Eiffeltower, Washington monument, Erasmus bridge, Sidney opera etc. etc.
  • Of course, being a travelling Galgo, Miles loves airports
  • And much much more (see post a visit)

Game play

Whenever a picture is taken at specific locations, Miles earns miles. Visitors of the DutchGalgoLobby website can place a bet on how much miles Miles will have travelled on different moments. Of course winning bets will earn nice prices!

The journey begins!

The first picture is taken at DutchGalgoLobby headquarters in Oostvoorne, the Netherlands. Here Miles' journey starts. 

If possible, every picture contains an exact geographic location. This picture was taken at N51°54.423 E004°06.630. These coordinates are used to calculate Miles' travelled distance (in a straight line) and display the location on the map. If you don't have the exact location, please provide in the nearest address.

What if you have Miles in your possession?

If you get Miles in your possession, please take the following steps:

  1. Take Miles to one of its favorite places
  2. Take a picture of Miles clearly showing the location, preferably with a Galgo on the picture
  3. Sent your picture and a short story to info@dutchgalgolobby.org
  4. Pass Miles on to a next Galgo owner or Galgo lover

That's all and don't forget to watch Miles travelling around the globe!


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